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Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte

1. Who are you and what are you doing (the open space, in your case)?
Wer seid ihr, was macht ihr .....

I initiated a project art centre, Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte. The idea emerged in mid 2007 with the urge to build and create interconnected routes concerned with European space with a particular focus on Eastern Europe and Balkans on non-profit constituent. The mechanisms were aimed at introducing certain dynamics by means of operating within the realm of “off-space”, serving as a hub, connecting all the complexity of strands together. As well as generating new ideas and implementing them in a collaborative effort to improve trans-national/trans-local network it is intended to create network of networks, a zone of communicative transfer and in a particular socio-cultural setting within multi-directional models of creative/artistic practice.

In short, this is to assert breaking with the old forms of creative practice pertaining productivity that is leading to pluralistic approaches instead.


2. Why are you member of the IG Kultur Wien?
Warum seid ihr Mitglieder bei der IGKW?

Well… to my understanding, IG Kultur Wien adamant to create a platform for a constant expanding of a joint work with highlighting the problematic issues that is concerned with public and NGO´S in the cultural sector in Vienna while trying to improve conditions for cultural work and political subjects…

3. Whishes/ Ideas/ Demands on the culture politic in vienna?
Wünsche/Erwartungen/Forderungen an die Kulturpolitik der Stadt Wien.

Obviously, location wise Vienna has retained its rich history and culture while extricates itself as the most important gateway to Central/Eastern Europe and neighbouring countries. This brings a rupture that engenders the temporary systems concerned with bringing different modes of manifestation onto the surface which allows its reflection within the productive role of creative production alongside what has been echoed at the edge of the “conditions of actuality” and the “conditions of possibilities.”